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by Super Admin - 9 months ago

Watch out: Cell phones can be addictive

The average college student uses a smartphone for about nine hours each day.That’s longer than many of those students spend sleeping. In fact, such extended cell phone use shows that the technology could become an addiction, according to a new study....

by Super Admin - 9 months ago

Sony Xperia XZ4 specs leak ahead of MWC 2019

Highlights:Spec sheet of the upcoming Xperiz XZ4 has leaked online.The phone is expected to feature a 21:9 display aspect ratio.Details about Sony's upcoming flagship smartphone continue to leak before the company's anticipated announcement of it at...

by Super Admin - 10 months ago

Our Cellphones Aren’t Safe

America’s cellular network is as vital to society as the highway system and power grids. Vulnerabilities in the mobile phone infrastructure threaten not only personal privacy and security, but also the country’s. According to intelligence reports, sp...